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 Aerona Pryde WIP

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PostSubject: Aerona Pryde WIP    Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:04 pm

General Information
Full Name: Aerona Pryde (("A"-row-nah))
Nickname: Air, Rona
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Personal Information
Personality: If asked to describe Aerona, most people would come out with words such as "high-strung", "wild", or "free spirited". Due to a rather inattentive childhood, Aerona grew up essentially raising herself, though her parents were still around in the beginning. She ended up a bright person, merely because her freedom in life made her happy, rather than closed off. If she wants something, she finds a way to get it, either working for it or otherwise. Working for something she wants is something Aerona is no stranger too. Thus, she can be a hard worker, though she doesn't seem like she'd be upon first meeting her.

She tries to be happy constantly, as she hates seeing others in tears. The droplets of water have always simply bothered her, and she doesn't know why. However, she can be a bit harsh at times. People who get whatever they want without work bother her, and will often be given some sort of harsh nickname, which is how Aerona distinguishes people who are on the 'good' side of her mind from the people who are on the 'lazy' side. Very few people end up switching from lazy to good after meeting her, as it can be a bit hard to convince her that you're not as stupid, lazy, or cruel as she's made you out to be. So, most people end up keeping the nickname throughout the entire time they know her. Very rarely, you can end up her friend, yet keep the nickname, as in some cases, it can end up a sort of endearing term for her. "Weirdo," could be equivalent to "friend". The problem with this is figuring out which she thinks of you as, because she can be seen as a rather violent person. She'll punch a friend on the arm, playfully, and end up bruising them, simply because she didn't realize her own strength, and punched them too hard.

On the flip side, she can hate you, and punch you on the arm, bruise you, and it could be completely on purpose. Most think the key is to look at her expression, but even with a friend, Aerona can seem angry, but actually be rather happy on the inside. The way to find her true feeling is more a matter of time, and seeing her small displays of friendship, or hate. If she feels you are a friend, she'd feel more open to talking about herself around you. Small things, generally, are the makeup of Silica's being. Of course, this leads to another part of Aerona, which is her wood carvings. Again, essentially having raised herself, Aerona ended up attaching herself to wood carving as a way of release, entertainment, friendship, and any other emotion she wanted but didn't have because her parents were too busy, and other children found her too "violent" or "unresponsive". Her other source of time-spending was Hiasus. He took up much of her time, with her endless caring for him, which helped her personality grow in the way it did, in the end.


  • Diving on Hiasus: The feeling of diving through the air gives her a sense of adrenaline that she loves.

  • Mackerel: It's her favorite type of fish. She'd eat it every day if she could.

  • Wood Carving: It's a pastime she's fond of, she often will go to the forest with Hiasus and simply sit and carve. Occasionally, she'll carve a new toy for Hiasus.

  • Air Acrobatics: She likes practicing her maneuvers midair with Hiasus. She's more into flying with him than anything else.


  • Axes: She hates axes, alone the lines of battling. She considers them heavy and cumbersome.

  • Shields: This carries the same reason as axes, they're heavy and cumbersome.

  • Sweet Things: Aerona has never had a fondness for sweet things, unlike most people. She prefers salty or sour foods.

  • People Who Treat her Like a Child: Simply don't do it. At best, you'll get yelled at, at worse, you'll get injured. She doesn't like charity, as she calls it.

Fears: ((At least 3 with one sentence as to why))
Motivations: ((At least 2 with one sentence as to why))

Physical Information
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Description: ((Smash it all together! Pictures are not accepted as descriptions. 100 words needed.))

Historical Information
Rank: ((Note, some ranks need to be applied for. Check the ranks topic before filling this in.))
Significant Other:
History: ((At least 200 words. This is optional if your character is a baby. If you have a dragon, include how you and the dragon met.))

Battle Information
Weapon of Choice:
Level of Training: ((NOTE: You can't just magically be a professional. If you want to be an expert, you're going to have to make sure that you have a good bit of information in your history about the type of training you went through.))
Battle Style: ((How do you fight? Do you just go for it, do you choose strength over speed? Elaborate))

  • Speed: She's rather good with her speed, due to her often practicing maneuvers that involve speed.

  • Balance: Another result of her training, Aerona has an excellent sense of balance

  • Dual Wielding: Using two weapons is no problem for Aerona. As long as it's not an axe, she can use essentially any two handheld weapons to battle. She prefers swords, however.

  • Tracking: Together, Aerona and Hiasus have few things they can't find.


  • Strength: She's not the strongest human being, partially simply due to her build.

  • Anger: Aerona is easily angered, which can lead to trouble in many situations.

  • Emotionally Senstive: She's not very sound, emotionally, given she was often alone as a child.

  • Non-Handheld Weapons: Weapons such as chains, throwing knives, bows and arrows, or other such items are not really much of use to Aerona, as she is terrible at using them.

Dragon Information
Name: Hiasus
Species: Stormcutter

Personality: ((At least 100 words.))
Description: ((Pictures accepted))
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Aerona Pryde WIP
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