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 Dragon Items

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PostSubject: Dragon Items    Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:17 am

These are items that have an effect on dragons in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be poisonous, hated, or extremely loved, there is a reaction between this item and the dragons.

Blue Oleander: The Blue Oleander is a type of flower. They are very beautiful and very soft, as well as poisonous to reptiles. As the name suggests, these flowers are blue in color and almost resembles a Hibiscus, as well as an average Oleander. They have a dark blue shade at the edges of their petals, and a lighter shade towards the middle. It is also revealed that Scauldrons love to eat the Blue Oleander and that the Scauldron's venom cures all the effects created and caused by Blue Oleander on other reptiles including Dragons.

Dragon Nip: Dragon Nip, also called Dragon Grass by some fans, is a green grass plant, which grows to approximately half the height of a full-grown Viking. It appears to be similar in effect on dragons to the effects of catnip on cats; however, when a dragon has dragon nip rubbed on the tip of their nose and around their face, their pupils dilate, they stop flying or attacking and they begin to rub the dragon nip over their bodies, rolling in it if possible, and playing around in it or with it. This has no effect on Whispering Deaths.

Dragon Root: Dragon Root is a plant known to grow underground on the Isle of Berk. It is the exact counterpart of Dragon nip: instead of making dragons calm, it makes them very aggressive. Even trained dragons will try to attack each other, but the dragons' riders can calm them down to a state of wariness, until the dragon root can be removed from their presence. It seems that most dragons would be affected by dragon root. However, for unknown reasons those with a rock-based diet, such as Gronkles, are immune to it.

Eels: An eel is a type of fish usually distinguished by their elongated appearance and small fins. They can live in both fresh water and salt water. There are two species of Eels that live in the waters of the Barbaric Archipelago, the Yellow Eel lives in waters of Berk and the Bloodvein Eel, which is native to waters of Eel Island. Other eel species portrayed in the series are the Giant Screaming Eel and a different species of Electric Eel. All of the four species of eels that appear in the franchise are able to move efficiently and without struggle on land. This may be due to the fact that the these eels resemble the modern living Electric Eel more than other more aquatic eels, as Electric Eels do breathe air. Most dragons hate eels but Typhoomerangs do not.

Eels cause a disease in people most dragons called Eel Pox and are the cure for it in humans. Eels are also particularly useful in scaring and waking dragons up.

Glowing Algae: The Glowing Algae seems to appear every ten years along with the Airvendale's Fire and attracts the Flightmare. These algae are found in rivers and eventually, the sea. They glow bright blue and can be seen as specks in water.

Potato: The potato, also known as The-Vegetable-No-One-Dares-Name, is the only cure for Vorpentitis. There is a small garden of it in Berk, carefully tended.

This list is scheduled to change at any time as new items are found.
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Dragon Items
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