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 Night Fury (RARE)

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PostSubject: Night Fury (RARE)    Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:29 am

Fire Type: Acetylene and Oxygen Shaped Plasma Charges
Abilities: Echolocation; can split spines for better maneuverability; Blends in with the Night Sky
Size: 27 feet (8 meters) long
Stats: ((If the dragon does not use Venom or Fire, leave them at 0))
Attack: 15
Speed: 20
Armor: 18
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 6
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 6
Stealth: 18
Weaknesses: Easily visible in daylight, very afraid of eels. The low shot limit can give some problems in battle.
Behavior: Night Furies are generally very aggressive to any form of threat they find, similar to how the other dragons treat the Vikings of Berk. But they are also curious creatures that attempt to understand new things they observe and are intelligent enough to attempt to recreate the actions that they see. Night Furies, in comparison to most other dragons, are very capable of communicating, and seemingly understanding human speech. Night Fury's pupils dilate when they are in a good mood, and narrow to slits when startled or aggressive.

Physical Description: he Night Fury is the fastest, smartest, and rarest of the known species of dragons. It is medium-sized with a sleek, dark body with black coloration. It has faint lighter patterns similar to that of a Manta Ray. The Night Fury somewhat resembles an axolotl in general appearance and has two pairs of wings with a shape similar to a bat, two mobile, ear-like appendages on the back of its head that show its mood and help it hear, as well as other pairs around their jaw depending on their age. They also have a pair of large, yellowish-green, cat-like eyes and sharp retractable teeth. Unlike most dragon species, the Night Fury has a short neck and lacks any kind of horns. The dragon is about 26 feet in length, 27 as a fully grown dragon.

In flight, the Night Fury's wingspan is unrivaled, bearing approximately 48 feet, making it resemble some sort of jet plane. This allows it to fly faster, longer and further than any of the other dragon species. It uses the wing-like tail fins on its tail to help steer and maneuver, similar to an airplane rudder. However, a Night Fury will be incapable of flying if one of these fins is missing or destroyed which shows that they are also used for ballast in flight. It is capable of taking flight from a standing start like a pigeon.

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Night Fury (RARE)
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