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 Whispering Death

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PostSubject: Whispering Death    Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:33 am

Fire Type: Breathes concentric rings of fire.
Abilities: Tunneling; Spine Shot; Night vision; Rotating Teeth (forwards), Vacuum effect (backwards)
Rarity: Very Common
Size: 82-95 feet (28.956meters) Long
7 feet 6 inches (2.29 meters) Tall
Attack: 8
Speed: 7
Armor: 7
Firepower: 3
Shot Limit: 10
Venom: 2
Jaw Strength: 4
Stealth: 10
Weaknesses: Whispering Death hate sunlight so they spend their time underground. Although their teeth can break rock, they can not break through metal plating. Like nearly all other dragons, a Whispering Death is believed to avoid eels.
Behavior: Whispering Death's are extremely deadly, like most other dragons, and are able to chew their victims after their ingestion, using their multiple rows of rotating teeth. They usually live in underground tunnels they burrow themselves, using a burrowing attack against oncoming enemy/prey. The Dragon Guide once said that they were extremely dangerous and must be killed on the spot. Nevertheless, despite their fearsome reputation, they wanted to brush their teeth. A Whispering Death's eyes are sensitive against direct sunlight, which is why it spends most of its time underground. When Whispering Deaths find intruders in their tunnels, they will forcibly eject them from the nearest pit. Whispering Deaths are known to be more dangerous in their infant stages, in contrast to their teenage or adult forms. They say that they have less control over their rotating teeth and spines, and are described to be "out of control saw blades." Young Whispering Deaths are known to be extremely territorial of their homeland, "claiming it as their own."

Physical Description:
The Whispering Death has bulging eyes and face as well as spirals of barbed teeth that line the entirety of his inner mouth. It has a snake body and neck, but Whispering Deaths have no legs, only the lower spikes (which can be used for locomotion through their tunnels). Many consider them extremely vicious and often have nightmares after confronting these horrors. Their gaping mouths are full of deadly rotating teeth. Their wings can also be rotated, presumably to aid in the drilling process.

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Whispering Death
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