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PostSubject: Gronckle    Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:29 pm

Fire Type: Heptane/Oxygen + Rock=Lava Blast
Abilities: Bump Scatter Blast, Immunity of Dragon Root, can create Gronckle Iron, Rechargeable, can fly backwards and in all directions
Rarity: Common
Size: Medium: 14 feet (4 meters) long, 18 feet (5 meters) wingspan
Attack: 8
Speed: 4
Armor: 20
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 6
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 8
Stealth: 5
Weaknesses: Gronckes have some weakness as being able to eat many rocks that are many different stones that could make them overheat or they can become magnetic for weapons. They are one of the slowest and laziest dragons that they can be left behind possible from their herds if they fall down from falling asleep in mid flight. They are shown some lack of endurance that's why they make this up for their brute strength.
Behavior: The Gronckle can be a slow, lazy, and cranky bulldog-like dragon; it has been known to fall asleep mid-flight, waking only when it plunges into the sea or crashes into a mountain. They spend the majority of the day sleeping. They are pretty friendly unless someone angers them. They can be sweet natured at times, especially towards their hatchlings or their riders. As shown Gronckles have bit of dog like personality as they can apparently love to play catch. As they love to get their belly rub but  they don't like to get their chins rubbed. As well as this, they wine like dogs when their upset. They love to eat dragon nip and feeding them rocks can help one train this dragon. Their main diet is rocks, but they can be fed fish. These dragons hard skin has a weak spot under their belly to be tickled by a single feather. Gronckles are said to be territorial like some other dragons. Gronckles can be easily distracted by food, munch like other dragons, and they butt heads in territorial displays like mountain goats.  

Physical Description: Because of its tremendous weight and small wings, it would seem impossible for them to fly. However, because the wings of a Gronckle beat at a speed similar to that of hummingbirds' dragonflies', or bees' wings,  it is possible for one to sustain flight. In fact, a Gronckle can fly backward, sideways and even hover in place.

Its tail can be mistaken for the head if little attention is paid.

It is also prone to dragon acne. Because of its large stout body and clubbed tail, the Gronckle somewhat resembles an Ankylosaurus. It has huge jaws which it uses to hold food when carrying it to the dragon mound. It has a rather blunt nose horn and fairly stubby toe claws. Its legs are practically useless in battle, and due to its short tail it has a fairly small attack range. hey fly slowly due to their small wings and bulky bodies, but their fire attacks are devastating. They are faster on the ground and if they need to move quickly, they prefer to run.

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