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 Deadly Nadder

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PostSubject: Deadly Nadder    Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:29 pm

Fire Type: Magnesium Fire (Hottest fire in the dragon world)
Abilities: Spine Shot, Incredible Sense of Smell, Enhanced Speed
Rarity: Uncommon
Size: Medium: 30 feet (9 meters) long
Attack: 10
Speed: 8
Armor: 16
Firepower: 18
Shot Limit: 6
Venom: 16
Jaw Strength: 5
Stealth: 10
Behavior: In terms of behavior, the Deadly Nadder is very fast and dangerous, though its potency as a hunter is hindered by the blind spot directly above its nose (possibly due to its large horn). As a result, the dragon relies on its keen sense of smell and hearing, often instead of its binocular vision, in order to find its prey. The Deadly Nadder also has, at its disposal, a tail that is covered in bristling poisonous spikes, which are used as projectiles to stun or immobilize its prey. Its tail spikes are its preferred weapon (probably due to the afore-mentioned blind spot). It can launch its tail spikes with devastating speed and accuracy. Its most devastating trait, however, may well be its ability to blow magnesium-fueled flames, which can easily melt metal. The Deadly Nadder is one of the most beautiful dragons, and unfortunately, it knows it. It is well-known for its vanity; it constantly grooms itself to stay clean and maintain the luster of its scales. Like the Night Fury, the Deadly Nadder is a picky eater whose diet comprises mostly of poultry and is allergic to domesticated hoofed animals. However, when it is trained, it becomes very affectionate, not unlike a pet dog, pet cat, pet bird or other sociable creature. These animals love to play fetch.

Physical Description: One of the most beautiful dragons in the world is the Deadly Nadder. It is easily recognized by the bright body and brilliant spikes that cover it head to tail. This colorful dragon is active any time of the day or night. It is found in many colors, almost always being tropical ones. It has a birdlike head, and a nose that is similar to a beak, with a curved horn atop it. The back of the head hosts a frill of horns. It is a bipedal, walking exclusively on two feet.

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Deadly Nadder
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