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 ChatBox Rules

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PostSubject: ChatBox Rules   Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:41 pm

  • No Advertising Don't advertise your forums in the chatbox. It's extremely rude, and those who do it three times will receive a ban from the chatbox of a time decided by staff.

  • Don't be hurtful towards others Everybody is here because they like to RP. Nobody wants to be yelled at or insulted. So just don't do it.

  • Links Are allowed, providing they lead to something that is not your own site. Or advertising another person's

  • BBCode THIS works in the chatbox. Please don't abuse it, or we'll have to ban you. If it's super big, it's considered spam.

  • Illegal Content I know we live in different countries, but you can tell if something is wrong or not. Sexual themes, murder contemplation, etc; are not allowed for obvious reasons. Keep it PG 13, please. I don't care if you're 16, or an adult. Some people on here might be 10, and have no desire to see that.

  • Spam Don't spam the chatbox. It allows it down, and irritates the other members. If spamming for a certain person gets out of control, you will be banned.

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ChatBox Rules
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