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 Terrible Terror

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PostSubject: Terrible Terror    Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:28 am

Fire Type: Propane Fire
Abilities: Amazing accuracy, stingers
Rarity: Common
Size: Small: 1 feet 5 inches (0.4 meters) tall
Attack: 8
Speed: 10
Armor: 6
Firepower: 12
Shot Limit: 10
Venom: 12
Jaw Strength: 2
Stealth: 12
Weaknesses: Their size is their greatest weakness.
Behavior: They are also shown to be very mischievous, as they like to play with vikings.

They often travel in packs and they can be quite aggressive.

They are also very curious creatures and you may find them in places you would not expect them.

They are shown to lick their eyes like some Geckos do despite the fact that they have eyelids. Also, when two Terrible Terrors were fighting over a fish, one bobs up and down in a similar manner to how real life Geckos will fight in order to intimidate one another.

Like every dragon, each Terrible Terror has its own unique personality. They also make a lot noise, and can be a big pain in the butt. They are not picky eaters and will eat just about anything they can digest.

They also seem to be fairly easy to train. Giving them a light to chase can help out for training as this could be great beginner dragon for young vickings. Or another way of training Terrible Terrors just feed them. A sign of great trust is given when a Terrible Terror sleeps next to you.

Terrible Terrors are also shown to have bit like a hawk personalty as they stand on people arms and can be use to send messages.

Physical Description: The Terrible Terror resembles a Common or Garden Dragon in appearance. It has an iguana-like body, two pairs of horns, one pair of wings, and a tail with a barbed tip. It comes in various colors, with green being the most common. Others are red, orange, blue, yellow and purple. Its physical attributes (such as the type of horn and spinal ridge) suggest that, despite the size difference, it is closely related to the Monstrous Nightmare. Its large yellow eyes, and small size make it one of the most adorable species of dragons.

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Terrible Terror
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