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 Smoldering Smokebreath

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PostSubject: Smoldering Smokebreath   Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:29 am

Fire Type: Smoke and Extremely Hot Air/ Can shoot Fire like a Welding Torch
Abilities: Veil of Smoke
Rarity: Very Common
Size: Small: 2 feet 5 inches (0.7 meters) tall 14 feet 4 inch (4.4 meters) long
Attack: 4
Speed: 8
Armor: 6
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 5
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 2
Stealth: 17
Weaknesses: High wings blow away their smoke.
Behavior: These dragons build their nests using metal and their welding torch-like breath to protect themselves from predators. They travel in packs, and, when those outside the pack are around, hide in their nests to avoid them. They grab all metal like objects they can find, much like magpies. Considering this, the way to get one to trust you by itself is through a combination of safety and metal objects, as well as food.

Physical Description: The Smothering Smokebreath is approximately the same size as a Terrible Terror (maybe a little larger), and it is entirely gray. The head and mouth are almost as big as its body, and it has no discernible neck. It has short, stubby legs and a wingspan equivalent to over twice its body length (though in its debut its body was longer than its wingspan). Its tail is long, thin, and very spiky. It is the first species of dragon known where all members share colors and markings that are identical or nearly identical

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Smoldering Smokebreath
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