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 Rare Dragon Applications

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PostSubject: Rare Dragon Applications   Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:38 am

This is where you apply to any and all dragons labeled "Rare" in the Book of Dragons. If you go inactive for more than 2 weeks without having given a notice in the Introductions/Farewells forum, your dragon will be stripped from you and opened for somebody else. This will have no exceptions. If you do return, and your dragon is gone, you are free to either create another, or apply for a different rare dragon spot. You can only apply to a rare dragon spot after you have 1 character that has 50 IC posts.

Night Fury
Aerona Pryde


Fireworm Queen


Use the following code to apply, and then post your finished form below. Your application will be reached by staff shortly.


[b]Account With 50 IC Posts:[/b] ((You will need to provide a list of topics you were in that count up to your 50 posts. This will be checked, any number below will not be accepted.))
[b]Why do you deserve this dragon:[/b] ((In at least 200 words))
[b]RP Sample:[/b] ((Provide an RP sample of at least 700 words in which you meet, and begin to train, the dragon you wish to have.))
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Rare Dragon Applications
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