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 Viking Ranks

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PostSubject: Viking Ranks   Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:19 pm

Each Viking in the village has a rank. This rank determines nothing, really, except for a few, but gives you an idea of what you do each day, typically.

Chief: The leader of the village, the Chief runs anything and everything that goes on in the village, and is in charge of keep the village stocked with all needed food and items, as well as assigning missions to the Dragon Riders, if they are the Berk chieftain. 1 per village, application required

Healer: There is only ever 1 Healer per village, though there may be two in the time between one healer training so another can retire. They are in charge of keeping all villagers and dragons in the village healthy. No application required, however, those who wish to train to be a Healer cannot do so unless the current Healer has intention of retiring.

Blacksmiths: Each village has a total of 3 blacksmiths at any time. They create all weapons, armor, dragon saddles and harnesses, and anything else you'd need that can be made out of leather and metal. 3 per village, application not required.

Villagers: The villagers live a simple life. They are in charge of hunting, fishing, raising the sheep, and cutting down trees, essentially, they bring in the food and wood to the village. Their dragons often help them, and they have the simple life. Each village can have an unlimited amount of villagers. In Hysteria, this is also known as "Warrior". All villagers in Hysteria are expected to participate in killing dragons and aiding in attacking other villages for new land.

Dragon Riders: A Berk-exclusive rank, the dragon riders protect the village, and explore the area around for new dragons, and new places. There can only be 15 at any time. Application not required, but will be closed once the number is filled.
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Viking Ranks
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