DRB is a RPG site made for those who love dragons, and love to ride dragons. It is mostly based after HTTYD, but other fandoms that have dragons are accepted.
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 Dragon Rules

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PostSubject: Dragon Rules    Sat Sep 26, 2015 3:10 pm

On this site, the main form of transportation, entertainment, and companionship are the beings known as dragons. Dragons, directly defined, are reptilian creatures sporting wings and a tail for use in flight. On this site, dragons are dragons, wyverns are not considered an existence. You can find a list of dragons in the Book of Dragons forum. All dragon species have a limited number of breath attack shots.


  • No Rare Dragons Without Permission: Just to inform you now, Rare Dragons, such as the Night Fury, need to be applied for. Any applications where you own a rare dragon will be automatically denied, and you will be banned from auditioning for one of the rare dragon spots. The rules are meant to be read, it is not the staff's fault if you chose not to read them.

  • 1 Rare Dragon Per Person: When it says per person, it means per person. You cannot have 2 rare dragons on different accounts. Those who try to do so will end up with no rare dragons at all. Both will be taken away.

  • New Members may not have Rare Dragons: You must have an alt with at least 50 IC posts first.

  • Only 1 mountable dragon per character: Any dragon that you can ride in the sky is limited to one per person. Dragons that are smaller, however, such as the Terrible Terror, you can have multiple of.

  • New Members cannot create new dragon breeds: You must have an alt with at least 20 IC posts first.

  • Albino Dragons: Albino dragons are permitted on this site, however, only 2 are allowed per regular species, while Rare dragons may only have 1 albino at any time.

Each dragon has stats that define their power, and help sort them into their class. The numbers for each breed range from 0-20, though it is rare dragons rise over 18. The stats are as follows:

Attack: This is pretty self-explanatory. How powerful the dragon's average attack is.

Speed: How fast the dragon is.

Armor: How high their defense is. This encompasses their scale hardness, and their overall endurance.

Fire Power: The strength of their breath attack.

Shot Limit: How many shots of their breath attack they can take.

Venom: The toxicity of their venom, if they have any.

Jaw Strength: How strong their bite is.

Strength: The overall physical strength of a dragon.


The rarity of a dragon is determined by the total combined number of their stats. Some dragons that were only seen once, canon-wise, will be rare despite their stats.

Very Common: These are dragons with 59 or below total stats. You can find them anywhere, and they're probably not the best for a person who wants to guard Berk.

Common: These are dragons with 60-79 total stats. They're pretty average in battle, and they can be found most places, with few exceptions.

Uncommon: These are dragons with 80-89 total stats. They're pretty hard to find, and they're on the better side of battling.

RARE: These dragons are down to only a few in the world, and they're extremely hard to find. Their stats are between 90-99 in number, and they're excellent in battle.

LEGENDARY: These dragons are amazingly sparse, with only 1 left of their kind in the world. They can only be attained through events, and they are often the hardest dragons to train and own, as well as the largest. All Titan forms of any dragon are considered Legendary.
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Dragon Rules
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