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 Skrill (RARE)

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PostSubject: Skrill (RARE)   Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:02 pm

Fire Type: Lightning
Abilities: Like all Strike Class dragons, the Skrill is known to have blazing speed, extreme intelligence, unique firepower, and are masters of stealth. It can absorb and fire lightning at will, and does not possess the ability to shoot fire.
Rarity: RARE
Size: About 29 feet (9 meters) long
Attack: 14
Speed: 19
Armor: 10
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 4 (Recharges from the Clouds)
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 5
Stealth: 18
It cannot fire lightning from the water. If forced into the ocean, it's battle abilities become useless.
Behavior: One of the most mysterious and feared species in the Book of Dragons, the Skrill is aggressive, powerful, and nearly untrainable. This reclusive dragon is belligerent and as unpredictable as lightning strikes. It is very territorial, despite following stormy weather; Skrills do not breathe fire, instead they channel lightning down their metallic spines, firing it from their mouths in a show of destructive blasts. If you find yourself flying through a thunderstorm, watch out! Despite it's average size, Skrills can give as good as they take, and they can take a lot.

Physical Description:
This incredible creature has large wings, a spiked back and tail. The spikes on the Skrill's back and tail are sharp enough to cut with the slightest abrasion, and its an excellent flyer. It also appears to have shark-like gills on its neck. The Skrill processes a crown of spikes on its head which nearly all are the same length except the center one. The Skrill's crown can also be used to give it expression, as it is able to control them to be pulled back or forward. When a Skrill is riding lightning, it seems to wrap itself in its wings and dive down, though this has never been actually proven, nor the meaning of "riding" lightning. Like the Monstrous Nightmare, its locomotion on land resembles that of a Pterosaur, using the large claws on its wings to walk and run on land. However, the Skrill has been shown to walk and run on its two legs with its wings folded.

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Skrill (RARE)
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