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PostSubject: Scauldron    Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:55 pm

Fire Type: Scalding Water
Abilities: Boiling Blast, Venom kill the victim through 24 hours, Immunity to the Blue Oleander
Rarity: Common
Size: 28ft and 2 inches (9 meters tall) average
Attack: 10
Speed: 6
Armor: 6
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 14
Venom: 10
Jaw Strength: 4
Stealth: 10
Weaknesses: Being a sensitive tidal class dragon, Scauldrons have short periods of time to stay out of the water. If they don't make it back in time, their skin will get dry, and they can grow weaker and become vulnerable to other predators or their enemies.
Like cetaceans and Thunderdrums, they form pods. Both of these are whale-like dragons, and they are fearsome hunters, even more than sharks or Orcas. They are described to be 'meaner than sharks' and the 'original sea monster'.

Scauldrons can be rather aggressive and terretorial at times. These reptiles will not hesitate to spray a mouthful of boiling hot water at its opponents when it senses danger. However, once a person gains its trust, a Scauldron can remain loyal and kind.

Scauldrons are known to be organised strategists who are patient. Similar to Seashockers, Scauldrons work together to take down prey in pods, this is extremely beneficial since they have been known to prey on other dragons, which may be hard to defeat alone.

Physical Description:
This dragon is gigantic, growing up to a size nearly the same as many giant cetaceans. It is a huge sea lizard that walks on four stubby and powerful legs. They have intense obesity to heat the water they suck in. Its tail is like a fish, helping it to swim. When filled with water, the Scauldron's stomach protrudes out and becomes very round. Its neck is very long and thin, and its head is usually fairly slender with its bottom jaw having a sort of pouch that hands from its chin.

Its bottom jaw is very flexible, and it bulges out when filled with water. The bulging of its jaw is an indication that it is going to shoot boiling water. Its eyes are located near the front of its face, and it has a thin, curving nasal horn. It has peg like teeth that are ideal for catching fish, very sharp, and also happen to be venomous. Two or more whisker-like strings are connected to the Scauldrons' upper jaw. They have only been seen in three colors: turquoise, green, and pale blue, although they change color into parched gray when their body loses moisture. These colors are close to that of the ocean and it could serve as a form of camouflage.

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